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  The 22nd Tri-U International Joint Seminar & Symposium provides a forum for students, scientists and engineers to discuss about the following topics: (1)Population, (2)Food, (3)Energy, (4)Environment, (5)Internationalization of Higher Education.
  Internationalization of Higher Education is a newly added topic of ...

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Welcome to Jiangsu University

  The 22nd Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium will be held at Jiangsu University from October 18 to 23, 2015. We will gladly serve as host for this event.
  Jiangsu University is a national key university in China, located in Zhenjiang, a historically renowned city in southeast of China. It grew grown out of Sanjiang Normal School founded in 1902, sharing the same root with Nanjing University. It is one of the first group of universities that offer doctoral programs in China, being ranked 55 among more than 3,000 universities in China. Engineering, Materials Science, Clinic Medicine and Chemistry are ranked Top 1% in Essential Science Index.  Now it is launching a new orientation of High-level and Research-Oriented University.

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